Woody McWooderson

How I got involved?
I was living at Wongen (no longer around) for about 3 months back in 2010. I was talking with an awesome girl from Indonesia named Sasha. Somehow frisbee came up and she informed me that a group of people played across the street at CMU. Then I believe P’Sinn happened to be there that day and told me what days and times people played.

How long have you been playing?
Pretty much since The day mentioned above. Before that I had played on Sunday afternoons for a couple months back in California. But that was “church ultimate”, that annoying 15 on 15 no kind of structure huckfest. I had never actually played real ultimate until I played in Chiang Mai.

Why Ultimate Frisbee and not another sport?
Personally I’ve never been real big on team  sports. Not sure why. I’ve always loved tossing discs around, played quite a bit of disc golf for a while before I found people to play ultimate. To be honest there’s just something about chasing down that 175g piece of plastic that I just can’t get enough of. Oh, and awesome jerseys!

Spirit or competition?
For me it’s all about the spirit, even though I have been known to have a bad attitude from time to time. I’m usually just frustrated at myself for not being better, or playing below my abilities. Sorry if I was ever a jerk to anyone reading this.

Is it hard to find and play Ultimate Frisbee here?
I had no trouble finding ultimate there, but I think I was very lucky seeing as how I lived across the street from the field. As far as playing, I would have to say Chiang Mai is the easiest place to just jump in and start playing. The people there as so great. There’s honestly not a single day that goes by that I don’t think about/wish I was back there running around on those darn near concrete fields with all of you lovely people. Including the others that are no longer there.

Is CM ultimate strictly about playing frisbee? is it a social community that goes beyond that? or is it both?
The community there is everything I love about ultimate everywhere I’ve been exaggerated about a million times over. Everyone is so caring and loving. Constantly hanging out somewhere, going on adventures together. Dancing the night/morning away at Zoe’s, Karaoke, and all of the food times. I will never find better Tom Yum, or better company to eat it with. There’s even people that come out and play that don’t even really care too much for ultimate, but they come because they enjoy the company of the poeple. So I would say it’s definitely more of a community based around ultimate. If that makes any sense.

Favorite tourney?
My favorite tournament (as far as just the tournament itself) is actually a hat tournament here in California called Hats, Hops, Hucks. It’s a 2 day tournament with 12-15 teams chosen at random. Everyone stays at a camp ground a few miles from the fields. It’s basically a giant party with a few games of extremely spirited and rather competitive ultimate in between. They even have “hat” rules. You must have a hat on the entire time. My favorite tournament experience would have to be the Mekong cup in BKK. Despite having the worst record of any team I’ve ever played on at a tournament, we still had a lot of fun and brought home the spirit award, which was our main objective. So I would say even though we didn’t win the majority of our games, we were still very successful. ELLA!…



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