Ton Surachart

How I got involved? When did I start?

I saw that my close friend, Junior, was a member of CM ultimate group on Facebook. I had no idea what the group was for and what the ultimate Frisbee was. Then I checked out the group and saw some pictures on Facebook and my friend introduced me this cool sport when I called her. So I started to play in September 2013.

Why Ultimate Frisbee and not another sport?
To be honest, I did not really play a team sport before. I like to swim and dance in a class. However, there are some reasons that make me love this sport. The most important reason is the players. Everyone is very nice and kind equipped with warm heart, good spirit and nice smiles. I really felt I was so welcome to play when I first started. They have taught me a lot about the techniques and also tactics on how to play. When I do a mistake, get confused or drop the disc, there always be someone who says “it’s ok” which makes me very comfortable to play as it reliefs the tension. They also give me a good courage when I can catch or throw the disc and defense well by saying nice words as “GOOD CATCH” or “NICE D’ed.” If I have any questions, they are very willing to answer as well. Everyone treats each other with respect along with the friendliness that makes the hanging out with them more fun and enjoyable. Another reason is the ultimate Frisbee itself. It is nice that all the genders can play it together. The players always try to make both offense and defense team equal by gender and skill of playing. It also makes you run a lot which is good for exercise. These reasons make me continue playing and try to be better player as I always have a good time to play.

Spirit or competition?
In my opinion, spirit and competition are going together. In the competition, we need spirit to work with other team member and to play with the opposite team. In addition, the competition itself drives the players to try to get the points and to win. However, it will not work well with the spirit to play.

More to say:
As I am a newbie to this group and this sport, I would to thanks my friend, Junior, who introduces me this sport and, especially, thanks to Aw, Ozzie, Noknoi, Davor, Prae, Ekk, Marty, Adam, Anna, Fame, Julia and all the players who teach, train and give me courage to play. You guys are really cool and amazing and I would love to be a part of your Frisbee family as well. THANK YOU…!!!


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