Tommy Cullen

Player Profile:
Age: 22 (⌒_⌒;)
Height: 185.42 cm
Speed: Pretty fast.
Experience: 6 years Teams: Blue Devils, Mt. Lebanon; Berzerkers, St. Olaf College; Lanna nanna, Chiang Mai Favorite Pop Song: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
Favorite Western Dish: Lasagna
Hidden Talents: Monkey noises; building card towers; juggling

How I got involved?
I started playing in Chiang Mai immediately after I started working in Thailand (June 2013).  I found the group on Facebook.

 When did I start?
I started in the fall of 2008, so this will be my sixth year playing Ultimate frisbee.  I played one year in high and four years in university.  I’m officially addicted.

Why Ultimate Frisbee and not another sport?
I love the Ultimate community as a whole.  It attracts the most interesting and unique kinds of people.  I also love our little Chiang Mai Ultimate community.  Everyone is so friendly and feels like they belong in this tight-knit group.

Another thing I love is whenever you meet somebody else around the world and you both find out that you share a common interest in Ultimate, there is an immediate bond felt between two former strangers.  I think that’s pretty cool.

Finally, I love the way Ultimate is played.  For example, whenever a huck goes off and everyone watches to see two (or more) people go up for the disc, it’s so interesting to try to guess who is going to come down with it.  Even better is when your prediction is wrong.  Layouts are cool, too.

Spirit or competition?
I play Ultimate to have fun.  I have a lot of fun playing competitively.  However, when I play in a competitive game with poor spirit, I usually want the game to end as soon as possible, win or lose, because poor spirit = no fun.  Spirit is a prerequisite for good competition, in my opinion.

 Is it hard to find and play Ultimate frisbee here? In Bangkok and Chiang Mai? 
No.  In other parts of Thailand?  Probably.

Is CM Ultimate strictly about playing frisbee? Is it a social community that goes beyond that?  Or is it both?
It’s definitely a social community.  We play together, we often eat dinner together and sometimes we hang out on the weekends.

Favorite tournament
AOUCC 2013 in Singapore was a blast.  We had a CRAZY fun time down there, tearing it up on and off the field with Jared from BKK as our Spirit Cart Master of Ceremonies and Ekk as our Spirit Cart Chanting Shaman.   We had lots of laughs, good spirit(s) and we played harder than ever.


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