Prae Phonboon

Player Profile:
Height: 165
Speed: “ what is the speed?”
Favorite Position: Whatever they tell me what to do lol
Experience: 4 years
Team Experience: Sky bandits (CM Hat 2044), Black cock (BKK Hat 2014)
Talent: licking my own elbow
Dream job: Super model with six packs ..oh yeah

How I got involved?
When I was in studying at CMU, I met a friend who used to play ultimate and she introduced me to this sport, so I decided to come out and try. At first I was scared to play because everyone was so good at it, but everyone was so welcoming and teaching me how to play, therefore, I have kept coming and loving this sport since then .

How long have you been playing?
I’ve been playing maybe about 4-5 years. (But I still suck at it lol, oh well…I love to play and the community so I don’t care Why Ultimate Frisbee and not another sport? I personally like to exercise and be active so I always wanted to find some good sport to play. I usually workout by myself and sometime I am not motivated. So playing Ultimate Frisbee allows me to be motivated, active, and challenge myself to get better at something. I also get to be part of a great community of people who have the same interest as me.

Is it hard to find and play Ultimate Frisbee here?
Yes and No. Yes: Not many people (especially Thai) know what Ultimate Frisbee is, it was a little bit challenging for me to brave enough to play with a lot of farangs…lol
No: Once you know what Ultimate Frisbee is, it is very easy to connect with other players and go to different places for games and tournaments.

Is CM ultimate strictly about playing frisbee? Is it a social community that goes beyond that? or is it both?
For me, CM ultimate is sometimes strictly playing but it is good because we can improve ourselves. It is both for fun and competing since it is a game for sport: people want to win and some have to loose. We play hard as a team and full of positive spirit. I love having a good community like ultimate frisbee peeps who supports each other in the game and outside the game. Definitely, it is my favorite sport.


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