Noknoi Choochart

How I got involved?
I met Sinn and Ekk at church when I was a student at Chiangmai University. They told me about this sport. Also my friend, Prae invited me to play as well. I didn’t even know how to play. I think I have felt in love with this sport since the first day I played!!

How long have you been playing?
My first time was on February, the week after the Chiangmai Hat 2010. Now I have been playing about  3 years or so.

Why Ultimate Frisbee and not another sport?
I love this sport at the first day I got to play. It is easy to learn and so much fun!

Spirit or competition?
I would love to say Spirit more than competition. I love to play competitive but I think spirit have to come first.

Is it hard to find and play Ultimate Frisbee here?
It is not hard to find Ultimate Frisbee in Chiangmai but it’s hard to find Ultimate Frisbee in Thailand. Thai don’t know Ultimate Frisbee !

Is CM ult stricly about playing frisbee? is it a social community that goes beyond that? or is it both?
I think both. We play ultimate Frisbee for fun at pick up. Sometimes, we play competitive, if we have to go to the tournament. Our free time, we love to hang-out, parties and play some card games. After pick up, we always have dinner together.

Favorite tournament


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