Marty & Kannika


Only in Chiang mai
Jazzi Zilber shout out to Marty Bergoffen

There is a guy here. a good player in his own right. but he is having a little kid recently celebrating her fifth year birthday.

She loved coming to the game and recently she started “participating” meaning she is running with the gang and somehow dragging the disk at times (under some rules to be described elsewhere )

I told her father that this is possible “Only in Chiang mai“. and I am right. Nowhere else would such a cool idea been tolerated. because we do not take life too seriously.

PS. the same day I learned that we are nevertheless playing for real. as the father of the same little kid, gave me a stern look with “You never puck up the disk. You hear me?!“. So yes, we play professionally 🙂

Also Marty added —

Why ultimate?
Cuz there are at least half a dozen ways to throw the disc, with all sorts of curves and loops as well as straight-out bad assed down your throat. Try that with a baseball or football!


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