Guoqing Li


Guoqing Li a.k.a Li

Firstly,I’d say my social life has entirely engaged with Chiang Mai ultimate, it’s a great community , people from this community are considerably friendly , they coach me enthusiastically. I also made a lot friends here which is one of the most meaningful part . Secondly , It’s a coincidence for me to get involved with this community, We had a discussion during a Thai class , two of my classmates mentioned about frisbee , after that I joined in this community. Thirdly, I really love this sport, people get exercised,this is also a very good sport to build your stamina, more importantly i like to challenge myself with chasing the high-speed flying disc,it always brings you great fun.lastly ,Some special thanks to Ozzie Crocco he put lots of efforts to make this community more friendly, Ekk Jampa he spends time to organize every pickup ,and the founder Marty Bergoffen.


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