Ekk Jampa


Player Profile:
Height: 173cm
Favorite Position:  Mid Cutter/Handler
Experience:  8 years
Jersey Number : #76
Favorite Weapon: A bright smile
Favorite Color: Blue.
A Spirit Animal : A Sloth ( love sleeping anywhere especially during the bye)

How I got involved? How long have you been playing?
My friend (Paul Wilkes) from the US took me to the field where they were playing Ultimate Frisbee at Payap University in 2006 that was when i met Marty. That was about 8 years ago, I just started to come out and I liked it and then loved it. I participated and got more involved in the Chiang Mai ultimate community and attended tournaments around Asia where I met a lot of great friends.

Why Ultimate Frisbee and not another sport?
I like Ultimate Frisbee because it’s a non-contact sport and you can use every part of your body – like throwing the disc with your hand, running to the end zone and laying out to catch the disc.

Spirit or competition?
I’d say both but spirit comes first – we cherish the SOTG (Spirit Of The Game) on and off the field.

Is it hard to find and play Ultimate Frisbee here? Are there many Thai people that play?
At first when we started it was difficult to find a field to play on, we used two fields in different locations – Payap and Chiang Mai University – but it started to confuse people so we just stuck to Chiang Mai university since then. Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively new and growing sport so not many Thai people know what Ultimate Frisbee is. We have to explain the game and teach them when they ask us, but every year we get new players – both Thai and foreigner so that’s a good sign.

Is Chiang Mai ultimate strictly about playing Ultimate Frisbee?
Not really – there are rules like any other sports but we mostly self-referee our games. If it comes to an argument we try to compromise – Foul? Contest? etc. So it’s easy to start playing again and there’s always someone to help and teach you.

Is it a social community that goes beyond the sport?
I’d love to call this is a community – my third community that I’ve been intimately involved in. We play three times a week so that’s much more than I see my parents every week. We always have a dinner or party afterwards, and do some activities together on the weekend. The Ultimate Frisbee community is the greatest I have found. There are so many people around the world who travel and attend the same tournaments; they hang out, play against each other, smile, laugh and meet new friends. Chiang Mai ultimate has also been involved with Urban Light, an organization which helps teenage boys involved in sex trade, human trafficking and slavery. The boys come to the field and we play with them and teach them not just how to play ultimate, but how to be part of a community.

Favorite Tournament:
AOUCC2013 in Singapore, where the Naga Team (Team Thailand) had a spirit cart and we chanted the crazy noise – the other teams were confused and jealous how crazy we were — thats fun and I feel the great spirit of the team there 🙂 and Shanghai Open 2013 when the ceremony finished –  friends and I were still dancing


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