Davor Egersdorfer


Davor Egersdorfer

For me, personally, Ultimate is all about the community, especially the community I’ve met at Chiang Mai. Because of the nature of the sport – that it incorporates ‘Spirit of the Game’ as a fundamental rule of the game – you are very likely to find the best kind of people involved in the sport. I love that when I play Ultimate, especially during pickup, that there is no mean spirit or arguing. You can be competitive, but at the same time be considerate and have fun. This applies at the more competitive level, and while you will always get people who bicker or complain or don’t play fair, I find that in Ultimate most people are supportive and understanding and have a great spirit. So even while you’re fiercely competing for a championship, you will still cheer and acknowledge a player on the opposite team for making a great pass, or a spectacular defense.

I also like that it’s a co-ed sport, where guys and girls get to play together. There aren’t many sports where you can have both sexes play at the same time and still have a competitive and fun game. Ultimate levels the playing field in terms of skill, and I feel that playing at Chiang Mai has taught me respect and understanding for the opposite gender.

Mostly I love Chiang Mai Ultimate because of all the great and wonderful people I’ve met. I wouldn’t have half of the best friends I have today if it weren’t for this wonderful sport.


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