Dan Fiedler

How I got involved:
I had heard about Chiang Mai Ultimate from some friends and eventually decided to come out and try it. From day one, I was hooked.

How Long Have You Been Playing:
I used to play casually in university in the US, but I just started getting serious this year, and Chiang Mai Hat 2014 was my first organized tournament. But, every time I go out, it feels like I’ve known everyone a lot longer than that!

Why Ultimate Frisbee and not another sport:
Ultimate is so easy to pick up, and it is more socially-oriented than any other sport I’ve played. You can’t help but become friends with the people you’re playing. Also, the atmosphere is so positive and conducive to improvement! Not to mention, its free and awesome exercise!

Spirit or Competition:
Spirit is the main draw for me, but there is something rewarding about competition too. It feels so great to try my hardest and see that hard work pay off in performance.

Is it hard to find and play Ultimate Frisbee here?:
For me, it would be harder to not play Ultimate Frisbee, knowing the great company and exercise I have access to.

Is CM ult strictly about playing frisbee? is it a social community that goes beyond that? or is it both?:
CM ult is at its core a bunch of friends who love Ultimate. Its a great medium to get to know each other better and meet new people as well. There is so much more than the frisbee, but it is what brings us together.

Favorite tourney:
CM Hat 2014 (My Debut Tournament!)


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