Chuck Gargaly

Chuck Gargaly

How I got involved?

I started playing Ultimate at summer camp with friends, mostly staff. The rules were very….. relaxed there. When I started college, I helped start a team at my school and learned a lot more about how to play correctly.

Why Ultimate Frisbee and not another sport?
Ultimate is more free spirited than other sports. I play soccer also, and soccer can get pretty nasty at times. Something about the nature of ultimate keeps me having a good time every time I play.

Spirit or competition?
I don’t believe that these things have to be separate, and I think that the best games to watch are when you are seeing the highest level of both. That said, I will always choose spirit over competition. Spirit has always been more fun and created more lasting memories with the people I play with.

Is chiang mai ultimate strictly about playing frisbee? is it a social community that goes beyond that? or is it both?
I think that the nature of people who are drawn to Ultimate makes it more of a social community. These are people who hold having a great time with friends as their paramount value. CMUltimate always has things going on both as an ultimate club and as a social club.

What is it about ultimate frisbee that makes it ideal for an expat?
The diversity of participants helps an expat make great connections. There are always cheap, fun, healthy activities going on, and the core group of the Ultimate community keeps people coming back.

What’s more important, the “spirit of the game”, or competitiveness?


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