Anna Roesler

Anna Roesler : 

 How I got involved?
I saw people playing Frisbee at Chiang Mai University when I first arrived and I was riding around looking for sporting activities which looked like fun. I came out a few times and played frisbee, then gradually I became more and more interested and I am now a regular player.

Why Ultimate Frisbee and not another sport?
Frisbee is a great sport to meet like-minded people and enjoy their company and get a good workout. It is great that both females and males and people from different countries can all play together. Here in Chiang Mai we play three times a week, no matter whether it is rain hail or shine, and so I can always rely on being able to have a run around. The sport has pretty much no costs involved and it is addictive as there are a range of skills that I want to improve to become a better player. Additionally, the game does not require fancy equipment, just a Frisbee and some other people and it is really up to you how much or little you want to run. For all these reasons, that is why I play Frisbee.

Spirit or competition?
Definitely spirit comes before competition, although competition is apart of the game, it is good-natured and it is more about positively encouraging everyone so that we all are doing our best.

How did you feel about the tournament?
Initially I was not interested in going in the tournament, as I go to frisbee to keep fit and enjoy people’s company, and not for competition, but I am glad I went in the Bangkok tournament. I learnt skills and increased my confidence on the frisbee field, plus I met a range of people from various countries all having a good time while running around throwing the Frisbee.


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