Alex Metter

Why ultimate and not another sport
Because it’s more fun

Spirit or competition?
For me personally, I’d say it’s spirit of the game. First and foremost, everyone comes out to have fun. However, we do like competition as well. Sometimes we set up a league, or we all go to hat tournaments. It’s really fun to see everyone get so involved in both, and it drives motivation for us to sharpen our skills.

Is CM ult stricly about playing frisbee? is it a social community that goes beyond that? or is it both?
Definitely both! If someone’s got a muay Thai fight, Chiang Mai ultimate will be there. If someone’s got a fundraiser going on, we’ll be there. On the field, it’s frisbee. But we like each other in our spare time as well.

What is it about ultimate frisbee that makes it ideal for an expat?
I love playing ultimate because it fosters a sense of community. It’s a great way to meet a lot of different types of people–people who teach at various schools, people who work for various NGOs, and people who you’re not quite sure what they’re up to (John Briggs, what do you and your long red beard do all day? I’d love to know). So outside of the game, you meet a lot of different types of social groups. There are people who are here for a few months, a few years, or longer. You get the advantage of always meeting new people, but also the comfort of knowing that it’s a place you can come back to and everyone will still be happy to see you. I was gone for six months and barely remembered how to catch a disk, and everyone was still just as happy to have me on the field!


One thought on “Alex Metter

    Marty said:
    November 1, 2013 at 6:17 am

    And your clashing shorts and cleats always grab the eye!

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