About The Pick-up Game

About The Chiang Mai Pick-up Game:

The pickup game is on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday starting usually at 5 PM or early until dark (6:15-6:50 depending on the season – loosing day light in winter season)

We usually play in two fields in the campus of Chiang Mai university.

We Alternate between the following fields:

1) The Rugby field Map:

(The main entrance of the university on Huay kaew road, go in and on the left hand side there is a large field we share with the Rugby and football players etc.)

2) The 40 old years dorms field Map:

(This is inside the campus and cannot be explained in words, just print the map including the outside pf the uni, or come with a smartphone with internet and use a maps app or
— try to get on the Nimmanheamin road , drive away from the Maya mall till you pass the warm up then you will see the traffic lights then turn right , cross the intersection on the canal road enter into the Chiang mai university campus where there is a PTT gas station. You can see the field is on your right )

Please check the posts in the group here to see where we play now recently.

If you cannot find a recent post on which field, just ask here (it is usually at one of the two fields above)

We play year round with very rare exceptions.

PS. If you arrive at the field at 5pm and nobody is there, people might just be late. Or the game is happening at the other field….

Times and days may change, so please join our Facebook group at Chiang Mai Ultimate: :เชียงใหม่อัลทิเมท for regular updates.

(updated on 16 march 2015)



Wednesday pickup

Saturday Pickup


One thought on “About The Pick-up Game

    Andy + Jack said:
    March 14, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    Hey, me and a friend have played frisbee before and are in Chiangmai for a few days and would love to get involved with your pick up!
    Can you give us any more directions to yhe field? 🙂


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