2nd Mekong 2013 , Bangkok, Thailand

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2nd Mekong Cup Team Tournament – A big thanks to all

What a blast of a weekend! We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. Thank you for coming and bringing along your great spirit.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Mekong Cup!

Big thanks to Suganya Phreawphuttipong, Sin Lim, Tri Le for helping with the organisation. To Tik, Sean M Vale & Kris Funkelton for helping out so much on the day. To Eddie Adisak for the drinks and to Aaron Herman for the help with the schedule.

The final standings at the end of the 2nd Annual Mekong Cup:

12 Tong Daeng – Bangkok (Party Winners!)
11 Malayouts – Kuala Lumpur
10 SabaiDisc – Vientiane
9 EatDisc – Singapore
8 Elephantastic – Chiang Mai (Spirit Winners!)
7 Chuckies – Singapore
6 – Angelina’s Orphans – Phnom Penh
5 – SoiDawgz – Bangkok
4 – Big Eyez
3 – Never Underestimate Students – Singapore
2 – Flying Zucchinis of the Apocalypse – Jakarta & area (Runners Up)
1 – Morning Glory – Chiang Mai (Champions)

See you next year!

Pics: https://www.facebook.com/samakkee/media_set?set=a.631513043545288.1073741831.100000597951130&type=1

info: http://www.bangkokultimate.com/1st-annual-mekong-cup-2012/


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