Chiang Mai Ultimate Team Takes Off for Malaysia

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Chiang Mai Ultimate Team Takes Off for Malaysia
Apr 12, 2012

Malaysia Ultimate Open 2012
Malaysia Ultimate Open 2012

CityNews – Chiang Mai’s Ultimate team has been growing over the years and is now set to break into Malaysia. The Malaysia Ultimate Open (MUO) will be held in May in Kuala Lumpur, with teams coming from Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other places. After taking stock of the local players, 20 sturdy people decided they would make the long trip and challenge other Ultimate players from the region.

Since early March, the team has been practicing three times a week, including running, strength and conditioning and throwing and catching drills. These drills include end-zone scoring, ladder, weave, and box, and allow the players to improve their skills while having fun.

Ultimate is a game played with a flying disc (Frisbee) on a field the size of a football pitch. With 7 players on each side, you must advance the disc by throwing it, and must stop when you catch it. Scoring occurs when your team catches the disc in an endzone, similar to American football. Defense can be quite challenging, either person-to-person or zone, and games are played to 11 or 15.

Ultimate has been played in Chiang Mai since at least 2005, when a group started at Payap University. As the group grew, it moved around a little, and an annual 1-day tournament started in January in 2008, with players coming Bangkok and even Cambodia. Now games are played three times a week at Chiang Mai University, and with over 25 players coming regularly, the group decided to form a traveling team early this year.

credit: Citylife

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